Kemang Club Villas

Discover your future residential

with Kemang Club Villas

Ideally located in one of the most prestigious residential areas of Jakarta, Kemang Club Villas provides an international standard of residential living in a magnificently landscaped setting. Located at the very heart of Kemang area makes this property easily accessible from and to nearby public places, such as shopping malls, restaurants, schools and many other public amenities. The outstanding exterior and interior designs, and huge parking space that can fits up to 4 cars for each unit makes Kemang Club Villas a perfect place to be called home. High-level security surveillance and 24/7 guards are also provided to guarantee the security of the complex

Strategic, high quality and well-maintained office building for you.
Building type
Town Houses
Number of units
144 units

Total Gross Area
42.685 Sq.M
2 Cars/House

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