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The history of Duta Anggada Group goes back to 51 years of experience, beginning with a strategic development of prime residential investment aimed at the international expatriate market. To maintain its leading position, the company has since then expanded its capabilities to property development.

The beginnings of Duta Anggada Group can be traced back 51 years

The beginnings of Duta Anggada Group can be traced back 51 years when in 1973 Duta Anggada Group, began its involvement in the Indonesian property market. The Company started out with strategic development of prime residential investment complexes, aimed at the international expatriate market and then developed a series of prime commercial office and retail investment properties to satisfy the rising demand for office and retail premises.

In order to maintain its leading position, Duta Anggada Group expanded its capabilities to include property development. Today, in addition to a substantial land bank, the company portfolio represents prestigious investment and development properties in the office, residential and retail sectors of Jakarta, Bali, Surabaya and other major Indonesian cities.

Duta Anggada Group is now regarded as a prime mover in the Indonesian property development business. Prime locations, quality construction and innovative architecture have characterized each and every Duta Anggada Group property and have earned the Company a high standing in the property investment and development fields.

In addition, Duta Anggada Group’s strategy of prudent expansion for the sake of long-term value continues to fuel the Company’s prosperity while contributing strength to its foundation of established excellence

We are committed to continue building upon it's foundation of excellence

Looking ahead, Duta Anggada Group is committed to continue building upon it’s foundation of excellence. As the Indonesian property market unfolds, the group will further leverage its leading position by continually, seeking prime locations, consistently building quality properties, marketing and pre-leasing properties prior to completion and carefully earmarking properties for development or investment purposes as market conditions dictate.

Future expansionary moves in existing or additional property sectors will continue to be guided by the group’s philosophy of careful research, ensuring strategic locations capable of sustained demand and robust economic activity. By maintaining these principles, Duta Anggada Group is confident that the company will continue to be recognized as a leader in Indonesia’s established and emerging property investment and development markets for many years to come.

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